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Sports photo and product size chart by Lensdude.com

Size Chart & Care Tips

To the left, you will see the standard sizes of the products we offer. The chart allows you to see the size and shape difference of the prints you wish to order.

Choosing a large print size:

A great tip for choosing a large size is to cut out of paper the size you want to try or using low tack masking tape to tape directly on your wall using the dimensions to the right in either horizontal or vertical. Please consider 2-5 inches wider each side for frame or mat and frame. This will give you an accurate visualization of how large the finished framed print will be.

Custom sizes/shapes (such as a square format) are available upon request.

All photos are cropped to look their best and show the action. Professional artistic photos do not always have the subject centered. Should you wish for specific cropping of your photo, inform us before we process your order.

Care of your Photos and Products:

Beautiful memories are captured in photos. Taken care of properly, they will last a lifetime.

Take care not to hang or place photos in direct sunlight. They will fade over time. Do not hang in a steamy location, such as a bathroom.

Let Playbooks open naturally. Do not force the book to lay flat. Doing so will break the spine.

When you receive a large print mailed in a tube, do not re-roll in the opposite direction. Let it uncurl naturally for a few days to loosen.

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