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Welcome to Dude News

New Event Booking Policy

As a result of events over the past few months and current repeats of this trend, Lensdude will now be issuing an Event Booking Contract. Your event booking will be confirmed when we receive this signed agreement. Upon agreement of Lensdude's involvement with your event, you will be emailed the form for your signature.

For more booking information please Click Here.

August 22, 2016 

All photo galleries will expire and the Lensdude website will be down for maintenance to remove all non-customer accounts and update the design for easier navigation on smaller screens

Lensdude is on the FACEBOOK

Check out our new page and let us know what you think ;-)

STATS Posters are now available! This was our Locker Poster, but now re-invented. This poster has a light burst fading the background of the photo in an alternating pattern. The STATS are scattered around the print with a feedback reflection fading back towards center.

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