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Photography takes on many different forms and includes everything that reflects light back to the camera. Over the last 40 I have concentrated on mastering the narrow spectrum of light that is visible to humans but 5 years ago I had one of my digital cameras converted to capture the full spectrum from Ultraviolet to Infrared. The 'visible spectrum' only reveals colours from approximately 400 nanometers to 550 nanometers but a converted camera can capture colours from 290nm to 720nm. With proper filtration followed by careful post-processing of the raw images we can create photos with colours that were previously unappreciated by humans. I will always use my own professional style to create some of the best photos in the industry by capturing the image at the peak of action or the decisive moment is what I strive to accomplish with every shot.

Checkout the new 'Lensdude SNAPS!' photo galleries to see some of the work created with a full-spectrum camera.

From auto race days and world class sporting events to snowboarding, skiing, and theatrical stunts, Lensdude has covered it. Our images have been published nationally and internationally.

For individuals or parents purchasing coverage for their children, Lensdude offers complete professional services at pricing even skateboarders can afford.

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Announcing a new series of photo galleries showing Western Canada through my lens
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